Castro-Rojas is a high-quality Caribbean fashion & lifestyle brand. We seeks to reclaim and redefine the notion of Caribbean fashion, using our collections to emphasize the rich and diverse cultural heritage of our region in the context of modern social movements (i.e. body positivity, sustainability) and global technological influences. 


Forged in the ashes of the plantation machines.
Island kingdoms saturated in language games.
epeating Islands insulated from each other.

We are Boricuas, Puertoricans, FloRicans, Nuyoricans, Jibaros & Afro-Tainos, Caribbean, Latin-Americans & USAmerikanos, Latinxs, Hispanics. We are world citizens. We are a movement and a community. We are the bridge between the new world and the old. We are you.


Fashion should liberate and empower worker and wearer alike.

Fashion should not endanger, exploit, or discriminate against anyone.


Fashion should provide fair and equal pay to everyone working across the industry, from farm to shop.


Fashion respects culture and heritage. We aim to give our people a voice, by fostering and celebrating their skills and craftsmanship. We strive for cultural representation to correct the misrepresentations and cultural appropriations of popular culture.


Fashion stands for solidarity, inclusiveness, and democracy, regardless of race, class, gender, age, shape or ability. We love to collaborate with like-minded brands. Diversity is crucial to our success. 


Fashion has the power to conserve and restore our environment. We don’t have to deplete precious resources, degrade our soil, pollute our air and water or harm our health.

Fashion can be mindful and sustainable. When fashion is repaired, reused, recycled and upcycled it elevates our personal style and our purpose.


We aim to be transparent and accountable. We don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet.


We measure our success by more than just sales and profits. We put an equitable value on financial growth, sociocultural well-being, and environmental impact.


Fashion lives to express, delight, reflect, protest, comfort, commiserate and share. Fashion never subjugates, denigrates, degrades, marginalizes or compromises. Fashion celebrates life. 

We demand radical, revolutionary change.

We are Castro-Rojas and style is our weapon.